Elizabeth Willis Barrett……………..February 2021

They say that age is just a number.  That’s partially true.  It is definitely a number.  But sadly the world puts restrictions on those numbers. For some of us, that number puts us in the class of “elderly” way before we’re ready.  I personally don’t want to spend the next 25 years of my life being “elderly.”    

So, individually, we have to decide for ourselves if that number is going to hold us back and make us feel that we’re at the end so why bother.  Or if we’re going to make each number our most joyful best.

When I think of my age, I tend to walk slower or not expect too much of myself.  But when I think of myself as say 35, I have a bounce in my step.  I get out my guitar and play and sing as though my voice that has served me for decades, hasn’t developed a bit of a wobble.  

I want to treat age as a gift.  I want to make the most of the next few decades of my life.  There are still so many wonderful things to do, so many unbelievable things to learn. 

I want to let go of old regrets and hurt feelings.  I want to empty the guilt basket that so many of us women carry on our heads each day.  I want to be able to laugh at myself, ignore the critics, have great self-confidence and be a joy to be around.  

I want to look forward to each new day that comes and treasure it   Not that I do any of those things, but I want to.  And I have a very loving Heavenly Father who is helping me.  

Some think that when they reach a certain age, it is time to rest and take it easy.  That might be ok for them.  But I have to have things I’m working toward.  I have to have purpose.  

It’s easier to muddle through life, to let others plan our days for us.  But then we all find that our days are eaten up in little requests from those around us or in traveling down the Social Media rabbit hole. 

As one of my friends always says, “Plan or you’ll get planned upon.”

Several months ago, a friend and I worked diligently together to develop our individual WHY.  That WHY has become my compass.

I love to see women in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s achieving their lifetime goals.

They remind me that it’s never too late to dust off old dreams, re-evaluate them and go after them!

It’s not too late to write your book, to take painting classes, to run that race.

How will we live the next two or three decades?

What will our contribution be to our families, our neighborhoods, our world, ourselves?  We matter.  Our gifts matter.  Our dreams matter. 

 Age might just be a number.  But if we do it right, each number can be the best. 

What’s the alternative?